Lanquin Town

The starting point to reach Lanquín is the departmental of Cobán in Alta Verapaz. The topography of the region is so generous and diverse. For moments there are plains and rocks just a few turns and you will be amazed the mountains, valleys. The small road that takes you to Lanquín town goes along cardamom plantations (the most important industry of the region). This tiny town is home to one of Guatemala’s most famous attractions after Antigua and Tikal, the Lanquín Cave System and Semuc Champey.

Lanquín offers a beautiful haven full of attractions. The landscape consists of a splendid scenario including thick vegetation and the soothing murmur of the river, immediately takes us on a ride out of time. Finally, top the magnificent stage of the cliffs eaten away by the erosive force of water flowing from its depths.Everything is combined in this space to take on a new adventure into a subterranean world where the shadows reign. With equipment in hand and camera in tow can be extended adventure to experience the strongest emotions of this hidden paradise.

The municipality of San Agustin Lanquín is not only rich in natural beauties, but it holds a huge cultural heritage. During the colonial period, the main city in the municipality was known as San Agustin Lanquín after Sant Agustine as it was designated under the name of this saint who was later named as patron saint. The official patron festivity is celebrated from August 23rd to 28th. Lanquín is one of the oldest municipalities of Alta Verapaz. Records from 1540 were found mentioning the absence of the church due to damages caused by a great fire that consumed almost half of the town. It is thought that after the fire, the Catholic church was rebuilt on a pre-Hispanic mound. which explains why it is actually on a high place and has impressive views from its atrium. This church was founded with the name of San Augustine.

Celebrations of Lanquin