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About Us

Thomas and Chris arrived in Lanquín in 2002 and first met whilst volunteering at a hostel. They both felt that there was an opportunity, working together, to bring more back packers to Lanquín to enjoy the stunning scenery. With that objective in mind they rented a house, started and ran a bakery for nearly 3 years whilst Zephyr Lodge was taking shape.

Chris and Thomas appreciated that back packers had a travel budget but that should not mean that their guests shouldn’t enjoy good food, great service and a lively atmosphere without breaking the bank.

One major concern was the impact on the local community and with this in mind they were determined to employ as many local workers as possible. Zephyr Lodge’s employees are paid great wages, receive holidays and sick days, social security and yearly bonuses. Zephyr is proud that it supports so many families therefore also the local community.

The other concern was to minimize any adverse effect on the local flora and fauna. Too many local businesses claim to be ecologically ethical but do not discharge their waste in an environmentally friendly manner. Zephyr is currently upgrading to another, larger, award winning onsite wastewater processing facility with quality testing. This compliments the water sanitation/purification system that was recently installed.

Chris and Thomas are very aware that it is the natural beauty that draws in tourism and they want to protect it for future generations of visitors to this beautiful part of the world. 

The Neighborhood

Lanquín, Alta Verapaz

The starting point to reach Lanquín is Coban, the main city in the department of Alta Verapaz. The topography of the region is so generous and diverse. For moments there are plains and rocks; just a few turns and you will be amazed by the mountains and valleys. The small road that takes you to the town of Lanquín goes along a wide variety of cardamom plantations as they are the most important industry of the region. This tiny town is home to one of Guatemala’s most famous attractions (after Antigua and Tikal), Semuc Champey and the Lanquín Cave System.

Lanquín offers a beautiful haven full of attractions. The landscape consists of a splendid scenario including vast diversity of thick vegetation. The soothing murmur of the river immediately takes you on a ride out of time. Finally, top the magnificent stage of the cliffs eaten away by the erosive force of water flowing from its depths. Everything is combined in this space to take you on a new adventure into a subterranean world where the shadows reign.


The municipality of San Agustin Lanquín is not only rich in natural beauties, but it holds a huge cultural heritage as it is one of the oldest municipalities of Alta Verapaz. During the colonial period, the main city in the municipality was known as San Agustin Lanquín, after Sant Augustine. The area was designated under the name of this saint who was later named as it’s patron saint. The official patron festivity is celebrated from August 23rdto 28th.


“Best Rated hostel”

"It’s been rated one of the best hostels in Central/ South America and I can see why!"



"Bello hotel, con vistas impresionantes, deliciosa comida y buenos cocteles / Beautiful hotel, with amazing views, delicious food and good cocktails. "



"Zephyr Lodge is a one-of-a-kind oasis hidden away in the hills so you can enjoy you can your peace and quiet with a beautiful view."



"I knew Guatemala would be beautiful, but nothing prepared me for how utterly breathtaking it is."