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Finding Zephyr Lodge

Once you are in Lanquin Town (San Agustin Lanquin) you will arrive at the main junction of the town of Lanquin, Turn left and after about 50 meters on your lefthand side you will find a small Coca Cola stand with a school opposite and a big sign saying Zephyr Lodge.

This alleyway will lead you to Zephyr Lodge (3 minute walk). You can always just ask the local people rather then just trusting on bus drivers’ information, who usually drop off people at established hotels for commissions and most likely will try and tell you we are full. You can write down our telephone numbers beforehand, and ring us on your arrival for a complimentary ride from any location in town. If you get lost give us a call for directions.

Phone (502) 5168 2441

The municipality of San Agustin Lanquín is situated approximately 20 km (12.5 miles) from Coban and 300 km (187.5 miles) from Guatemala City; it holds 2 protected areas with impressive geomorphology: Lanquín Caves National Park and Semuc Champey National Park.

Transport Information

Guatemala City to Lanquín

by public transportation’

We recommend using Monja Blanca Buses. There’s one going to Cobán every half hour. These are no chicken buses but they are public transportation so take care of your stuff. They have different kinds of buses so we recommend taking the “SPECIAL”. The buses will drop you off in Cobán. From there you have to take a public shuttle to Lanquín. Check Monja Blanca’s web site for more information: www.tmb.com.gt/home.htm

Phone: (502) 2338 1409 or (502) 2253 4869

ETA (Depending on traffic and weather): Guatemala to Cobán: 4 to 5 hours. Cobán to Lanquín: 2 to 3 hours

Cost (One Way):
Monja Blanca “Special”: Guatemala City to Cobán: Q 70 Monja Blanca standard: Guatemala City to Cobán: Q 65 (makes many stops) Public Shuttle: Cobán to Lanquín: Q 30

Once in Coban, look for look for local transport to Lanquin or take a taxi to Transportes Martinez buses.The company operates coasters and small buses that go to Lanquin every half hour. Once in Lanquín ask the locals for direction to Zephyr Lodge or find our free transport to the hostal located in the entrance of town.

Antigua, Guatemala City, & Flores to Lanquin

We recommend using Aventuras Turisticas. Their shuttles will take you directly from your location to Lanquin where Zephyr’s transport will be waiting. They have shuttles from Antigua, Guatemala City and Flores. There are other companies that you can use depending on your departure location, ask your hostel representative for more information. You can check Aventura’s Turisticas site on this link: www.aventurasturisticas.com

Phone: (502) 7951 2008 or (502) 4034 9291

ETA (Depending on traffic and weather) Guatemala to Lanquín: 5 hours. Antigua to Lanquín: 6 hours Flores to Lanquín: 9 hours


“Best Rated hostel”

"It’s been rated one of the best hostels in Central/ South America and I can see why!"



"Bello hotel, con vistas impresionantes, deliciosa comida y buenos cocteles / Beautiful hotel, with amazing views, delicious food and good cocktails. "



"Zephyr Lodge is a one-of-a-kind oasis hidden away in the hills so you can enjoy you can your peace and quiet with a beautiful view."



"I knew Guatemala would be beautiful, but nothing prepared me for how utterly breathtaking it is."